Artificial intelligence. When to expect the uprising of machines?

Artificial intelligence. When to expect the uprising of machines?

Man has not yet fully learned his own mind, and he has long been worried about artificial intelligence. What is hidden under the definition of Artificial intelligence?

First, it is a field of science and technology that involves the study and creation of intelligent programs for computers and machines in General. Secondly, it is the property of these programs and machines to perform those creative tasks that we have long considered exclusively human prerogative. In addition, we constantly meet in literature and cinema artificial intelligence, research and achievements in this topic do not cease to excite the minds of not only scientists, but also ordinary people. That concerns art and culture, then most often the plot boils down to use of SHI against the most humanity. And that’s what everyone fears. The machine, endowed with intelligence, while the technical characteristics superior to its Creator at times, can become dangerous.

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What to expect in the near future in the field of AI?

In such an area as artificial intelligence, forecasts should be made with caution. But listen to the opinion of experts in this field is worth it.

For example, Peter Rojas, co-founder of such technical publications as Engadget and Gizmodo, is sure that soon chatbots will simply replace applications. According to him, more and more developers focus their attention on them. The conversational interface of bots is much more convenient than the graphical one with which the applications work. It allows you not to waste time on unnecessary movements and not to be distracted from the case. It’s easier to ask what the weather forecast for today than to go to the site or set the parameters through the application. And so, while the bot tells you about the wind speed and the probability of precipitation, you can safely drink morning coffee and fry an omelet.Kurzweil

And here’s what thinks about the future futurologist and technical Director of Google ray Kurzweil. By the way, many of his previous predictions have already come true. So, he talked about winning the AI in a chess game (Garry Kasparov lost to the car in 1997), about the exoskeleton for the disabled (bionic prostheses already give huge opportunities for people with disabilities), the ability to give voice commands to the PC (this we also see today), etc. But we are more interested in Kurzweil’s opinion about the future. Here are some of his predictions for the next two to three decades:

  • The glasses will project the image directly onto the retina;
  • On the road massively leave self-driving cars;
  • Virtual reality is close to the sensations of real life:
    The abilities of nanotechnology will surpass human several times.
  • Computing power of machines is constantly growing and doing it in a geometric progression, so what now seems unreal to us, may soon become commonplace. Half a century ago, few people imagined that the phone would have access to the world wide web or that his coffee maker in the morning will prepare espresso for Breakfast.

The question remains whether the development of artificial intelligence threatens man? We think from our own inclinations. But if the robot becomes too human, won’t it overpower our worst traits? Or a high level of intelligence to the contrary will make him aggressive? On the other hand, there is information that one of the universities has already developed robots that can lie. Also in the works interested in the military sphere, and therefore, will create the perfect killing machines.

Modern achievements and new projects in the field of Artificial intelligence

Speaking of wins and losses. In March 2016, Korean Lee SEDOL, the reigning multiple champion in the game of go, in four of the five games lost to the program AlphaGo from DeepMind (Google). And in the Japanese literary competition, the work written by the robot reached the final. Although the story did not reach the human level, it pleasantly surprised the jury.Asimo

Japanese cute robot Asimo has come a long way to the modern look. The development of humanoid robots Honda company began in the 80-ies. Today Asimo is able to recognize faces and surroundings, sounds, gestures, moving objects. He can go up and down the stairs, receive guests and use the Internet.

On the roads of Europe recently tested semi-automatic columns of trucks, where the “live” driver is present only in the first car, and the rest are controlled through the network. Also obese intelligence will take part in a special race. The idea of Roborace appeared in 2015. Already developed a plan of races, the location of the tracks, and the regulations are in development. It is expected that at least 9 teams will take part in the championship.

In such an area as artificial intelligence, research and achievements can be discussed and listed for a long time. In recent years, technology has reached unprecedented heights. And who knows what it can turn into in the future, and whether humanity will be able to use AI only for good.

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