everything you need to know about artificial intelligence

everything you need to know about artificial intelligence

By 2030, 400 to 800 million people around the world may lose their jobs due to automation, according to the report of the global consulting company.

“Still not taken away! Although now a lot of automation, which replaced a lot of human labor. But people still find work. Unemployment in the world at 10%, do not sit still without work! We have replaced a lot of processes with robots, machines, automated factories and so on,” believes Aleksey Reznichenko.

People will be able to retrain for other activities, in his opinion.

The British news Agency BBC on the basis of scientific research of the world’s leading universities in 2015 created an online test, with which you can find out, will replace the work of a particular profession.

The most “protected” professions, according to the test, will be a psychologist, pharmacist, obstetrician, construction engineer, dentist.

artificial intelligence ai will change way drive forever - everything you need to know about artificial intelligence

Will it be possible to turn off artificial intelligence at any time?

The expert of our program believes that no.

“We need to decide what we mean by the definition of “artificial intelligence”, and if it is an algorithm that is developed and distributed by the network itself – how can it be turned off? Nothing”, – said the head of the network of robotics centers “Boteon”.

Can artificial intelligence enslave the human race?

The robot can learn, learn human phrases, adjust the voice that it can be confused with the human, but for the robot there is no benefit to keep humanity in slavery, says Alexei Reznichenko.

“I’m not sure that robots will need to enslave people. Not so perfect a human body that a robot would use it. For what? What can a person do for a good job?”– he notes.

And many researchers believe that the threat to humanity may be the perfect performance of artificial intelligence of its tasks, resulting in the interests of people may not be taken into account or may create impossible conditions for the existence of mankind.

In any case, if it is impossible to stop the creation of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to teach this intelligence empathy, love for people and the desire to help and protect.

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