frequently asked questions about artificial intelligence

frequently asked questions about artificial intelligence

Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?

Last year, the robot Sofia said in an interview that will destroy humanity, although then the developers admitted that it was a joke.

“The robot Sofia and these jokes that are distributed in the world, about the capture of the world, it seems to me that it’s just fashionable, so you can PR robots and have fun,” – said the expert program “Details”.

Although many well-known and respected scientists and inventors believe that artificial intelligence is a threat to people.

“The main property of any intellect is the property of learning. And what he will learn among the people, because he will develop here, so he will behave. Or people can specifically teach him specific actions. Perhaps it can be compared with a child,” – said Alexei Reznichenko.

That is, there can be “bad” and “good” jobs, as well as people. It is impossible to stop the process of creating artificial intelligence, the head of the network Of robotics centers boteon is convinced.

“This is evolution and I don’t understand how it can be stopped. Perhaps it is the evolution of humanity, the Solar system or the Universe. We can not stop it, sooner or later, maybe we will go, and evolution will go further,” he said.

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Something good from him get?

Mark Zuckerberg, a programmer and founder of Facebook, is convinced that artificial intelligence, on the contrary, will help humanity to cope with many problems: people will be able to receive better treatment, diagnosis of diseases, reduce the number of accidents (which is now the biggest cause of death) and so on.

“If we do not talk about the Apocalypse, then humanity has great opportunities. We will be able to almost accurately analyze the big data that are collected by mankind on medical statistics, genetic disease and so on. It is possible to predict the course of events, thanks to the analysis of a large array of data”, – says Alexei Reznichenko.

Technologies are already helping to correct the situation with environmental pollution, and then can save people from this problem, the expert believes.

“So we have to go through this evolution and not die at the same time,” adds Reznichenko.

But if artificial intelligence will take over the Internet and all communications?

“The possibilities are endless, the speed is incredible, the opportunity to unite and synchronize with another million of such robots, or to make another million of such programs are endless, so it largely depends on people,” – said the head of the network of robotics centers “Boteon”.

There is a threat of hacker interference in the work of “smart” robots – this is not excluded.

“Just a man who manages artificial intelligence on the first principles and works – this is the greatest danger to other people,” says Reznichenko.

All the developments and inventions that man makes can be used either for good or for evil.

“Perhaps the most terrible thing on Earth is a person who, based on personal motives, can harm a large circle of his brothers. So it was with the atomic bomb – it could not be banned. And we all seem to know that this is bad, but it is,” – said Alexei Reznichenko.

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