The British presented the power plant for combat lasers

The British presented the power plant for combat lasers

The development of the plant was carried out during the last ten years.

The British company Rolls-Royce presented some details about the power plant for combat lasers, the development of which was engaged in the last ten years. According to Defense News, the work was carried out in a special research unit LibertyWorks, operating in American Indianapolis. According to the Executive Director of LibertyWorks Mark Wilson, the power plant developed by the company has already passed the tests, USA informs.Media.

Several countries of the world are engaged in the development of combat lasers today. Such work is carried out for several reasons. The military believes that hitting various objects with lasers will be cheaper and more effective than using traditional firearms or missiles. In addition, it is believed that combat lasers will be able to fire as much as the power source allows. This possibility is called the military “virtually unlimited ammunition.”

One of the difficulties in creating combat lasers is their energy supply. Laser weapons require relatively high currents, which conventional diesel generators or auxiliary power plants can not always provide. The LibertyWorks division created a power plant for combat lasers with a capacity of up to 100 kilowatts. Such lasers can be used to engage drones, artillery shells, mortar shells and light aircraft.

unnamed - The British presented the power plant for combat lasers

Power plant made on the basis M250 turbo engine capacity of 250 horsepower. Such engines are used on reconnaissance helicopters OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, as well as put on light attack helicopters AH-6i Little Bird. The engine is connected to the generator and cooling system. For compensation spikes of energy consumption during firing of the laser weapon meets the battery. In General, the entire system has an electrical capacity of 300 kilowatts and a thermal capacity of 200 kilowatts.

The hybrid power plant can be used simultaneously to provide the combat laser with energy and to cool it. The system can be mounted on one chassis with the most combat laser. Other details about the development are not specified.

Last year, the American company Raytheon engaged in the development of mobile combat laser system with a capacity of 100 kilowatts. It is planned to mount it on one of the army trucks of the FMTV family. The new combat laser will be used to intercept missiles, artillery shells and mortar shells. the New combat laser will be tested as part of a larger us Army program, HEL TVD. The first checks of the installation are planned to be carried out in 2022.

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